Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recalling ALL books !?!

Well, I came in this morning and my boss, Bettye, told me that!....haha. According to a new law they are passing soon, books are in the recall. Toys, books, and other things children 12 years and younger could or would play with may be recalled starting February 12th of this year. A new law may/will pass that anything that children play with has to be tested for lead, and other harmful substances they are finding in toys these days. I guess it's like the toys that were made in China that had lead in them that were putt out by Mattel, Fisher price, etc.. According to what she said, all books must be tested. Good luck with that one. I can see testing toys, but how are they gonna test all the books in the local libraries? Who is gonna do this and who will pay? Are they gonna have sniffing dogs that smell whatever they are looking for? If they look thru our books they will probably find some mold, mildew, Cheeto stains, grease stains, and other things I don't wanna mention. I realize this is all for good intentions, but come on! I think they are getting themselves waaaaay to deep in this. I think the CPSIA needs to reevaluate this decision about the books thing. I can see passing a law on all new books, but how can they possibly go and test all the library books. On the other hand, I lost 2 more pounds! Yay me!


Nilla said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds!

There was something going around about the second-hand clothing as well... I heard that it would be on anything from that point on that would be tested. Perhaps that is true of books as well? I hope so. Because I do think it's kind of crazy. I mean, seriously... Nobody tested our books when we were kids and you and I turned out okay (well, I guess that's debatable, but you know what I mean :))...